Device Specific Messaging

Target your customers on any device and segment your marketing efforts into custom audiences.

Social Media Marketing

Target your customers where they spend time and manage their social life and reach them with a message that is worthy of sharing.

Digital Travel Marketing

We specialize in generating large amounts of interest in travel specific offers.

Custom Audience Targeting

Reach your customers wherever they are online.

Travel Advertising for the Digital Age

Digital Travel Marketing Designed to Engage and Convert!

Custom Audience Targeting

Reach your customers in the right place at the right time, with Interactive Travel's Digital Marketing Initiatives

Digital Advertising for Travel & Tourism

We work with some of the biggest tour operators, airlines and hotel chains, as well as many of the world's most popular tourist destinations.


Digital Media Buys

With access to premium Advertising Inventory on many of the worlds top websites, ad networks and exchanges, we deliver Insightful Digital Advertising at Scale.

Social Marketing

Harness powerful & influential social media platforms and engage with your customers in a meaningful way, and cultivate a community of fans!

Lead Generation

By strategically targeting your specific audience we can optimize campaigns for leads and drive a very clear, accountable ROI.

Testing & Analytics

We’re constantly working to maximize your ROI, our proven targeting strategies can help you consistently outperform your competitors.

Search & SEO

Are you visible online? Our clients look to us for performance based marketing solutions that drive their customers to an action.


Leverage the vast sums of data you are already collecting through your website and social media presence, reach out to customers who have already shown interest.

Real-time insights allow you to see your marketing results clearly, make intelligent marketing decisions spend your marketing budget better.

Clarify your multi-channel marketing campaigns with exclusive access to cutting edge analytics and digital marketing technology.

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Streamline your Digital Marketing

Interactive Travel creates digital marketing initiatives designed to engage and optimized to convert. 


We provide advanced Tools for Ad Delivery, Targeting & Reporting, and premium Advertising Inventory on many of the worlds top websites, ad networks and exchanges.


Interactive Travel partners with the best travel publishers to source amazing video advertising inventory to deliver the highest online exposure, user engagement and monetization.


Once we have identified your customers we can reach them across any device, platform or location using using a mix of consumer behaviour data and advanced targeting methods.

With more than a decade of digital marketing experience in the travel industry, we deliver results through various channels: video, social media, apps, games, email, and lead generation.

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